The Center for Mind and Culture dedicates part of its energy to investigating key academic fields operating within the mind-culture nexus. Our main focus is a kind of mirroring: creating the means for researchers and educators in the fields we engage to understand their operative values and practices, and thereby to be more deliberate in setting policies and reforming academic practices. We describe some of the projects along this branch of the Center’s work below.

Teaching Modeling & Simulation to Humanists (2016-present)

The Center is working with the University of Agder in Norway and the Virginia Modeling, Analysis & Simulation Center to examine how the transformative methods of modeling & simulation can be made available to scholars in humanities disciplines, from literature to history.

Values in Scholarship on Religion (VISOR; 2015-present)

VISOR aims to gather information about the actual values held by contemporary scholars of religion across a wide variety of sub-disciplines. The Center receives no funding for VISOR and project members volunteer their time. VISOR is directed by Ray Paloutzian, LeRon Shults, Ann Taves, and Wesley Wildman. The VISOR team intentionally seeks out consultation and advisement from experts with diverse religious and political opinions to supplement the variety represented by our team members.

Field Mapping Projects (2007-present)

The Center curates databases of publications in a variety of fields and uses those bibliographic databases to map key fields at the interface of mind and culture. These include:

  • Human Healing and Wellbeing
  • Ecological Ethics
  • Cognitive Science of Religion
  • Philosophy of Religion
  • Religious Studies
  • Theological Studies