Dimensions of Spirituality Project

The Dimensions of Spirituality Project analyzes two dozen subdimensions of experiences and practices that people refer to as “spiritual.” This project is an effort to firm up the meaning of “spirituality” and to uncover the commonalities and differences between individual spiritual styles.

The research team developed a new scale called The Dimensions of Spirituality Inventory (DSI), a quantitative translation and extension of qualitative research by Nancy Ammerman and others. The DSI demonstrates that “spirituality” is a complex but tractable concept, particularly in the scientific study of religion and in spirituality and health. The DSI also confirms Ammerman’s working hypothesis about the way people use the term “spirituality” and thus about the way they think of themselves as spiritual people. Years Active: 2013–Present.

Key Personnel

Wesley Wildman
David Rohr
Chris Greene
Nancy Ammerman