The Center for Mind and Culture works collaboratively with several other research institutions. There are many organizations that allow CMAC projects so succeed. Many organizations contribute to our research projects and provide insights, experts, and tools to help us better understand the world we live in.

Project Partners

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Affiliated Websites

In conjunction with the Dimensions of Spirituality Project, CMAC maintains two websites that each host surveys where visitors can learn about their own spirituality and practices, while contributing to a more comprehensive understanding of how our “spiritual minds” work.

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Liberal Evangelical is a site maintained by CMAC with resources to empower Christians who see themselves as radical moderates and to offer resources to Christian congregations who intend to be both Christ-centered and creatively inclusive. The website hosts an array of resources for education, prayer, and worship, in addition to study guides and a blog.

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Modeling Religious Change is an interdisciplinary, collaborative, multicultural, non-partisan research project. The project aims to broadens existing social science methods for conceptualizing and measuring change in religious and nonreligious populations through computer modeling and simulation, and by utilizing multi-dimensional research methods to establish the merits of an integrative, big-theory approach to religious identity and change. The website hosts the latest news, research findings, and a discussion forum. As the project progresses, an interactive tool to forecast demographic projections based on various assumptions will be built into the site.

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This blogging site serves as a platform for an ongoing discussion by philosophers of religion about philosophy of religion. It is home territory for a remarkably diverse variety of scholars and students, describing and supporting those intellectual adventurers. 

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The Science on Religion blog has been in place for more than a decade, providing the latest news, research updates, insights, and more on the biological and cultural functions of religion.

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The Spectrums Project is an ambitious attempt to apply what is known about ideological spectrums in politics and morality to the field of religious beliefs and practices. The Project’s goal is twofold: firstly, to deepen understanding of why human beings adopt a spectrum of religious and theological viewpoints; and secondly, to discover strategies for mitigating the problems associated with religious extremism and polarized religious discourse.