Marqueze Kennedy

Research Assistant, 2018-Present

My name is Marqueze Kennedy. I am currently a Graduate student in the School of Theology at Boston University. I am in the last year of my Master of Divinity program on the Religion and Academy track. I have a Bachelor of Arts degree in Biblical Studies from Azusa Pacific University with an emphasis in Hermeneutics. My particular interests are in the origins of Christianity and Greco-Roman culture. I eventually want to be in a position where I can help educate religious individuals on the nature of Christian Scripture including the historical realities behind the text, how the text has been transmitted, and Bible as a library of ancient Jewish and Christian literature. I was raised in Sacramento, CA but spent my undergraduate years in Southern California. In my free time, I enjoy going to the beach, listening to music, and spending time with friends.

Dimitri Luzincourt

Research Assistant, 2018-Present

Dimitri is a first-year Master’s student studying psychology at Boston University. After growing up in New York, he attended Brown University as an undergraduate and received his Bachelor of Science in psychology. After spending some time as a Research Assistant as an undergraduate student, he is eager to work at CMAC and gain exposure to multidisciplinary research. One of his major goals at Boston University is to gain more diverse research experience. He loves both playing and watching sports in his spare time, especially football, basketball, and soccer.



Anthony Buono

Research Assistant, 2019-Present

Anthony is an undergraduate at the College of Arts and Sciences of Boston University and is pursuing a major in statistics and a minor in history. He plans to go on and earn a Masters degree in Bio-statistics and participate in pharmaceutical research. He enjoys reading, writing, and Game of Thrones.

Alice Dalesandro

Research Assistant, 2018-Present

Alice is an undergraduate student at Boston University pursuing a degree in economics with focus on development and health economics. She is interested in researching the collaborative role public and private sectors can have to most impact developing economies and general welfare of society. She plans to further her education by pursuing a J.D. after completing her B.A. She is passionate about sustainability, reading, learning and laughing.

Pragyee Nepal

Web Assistant, 2019-Present

Pragyee is an undergraduate student at Simmons majoring in Computer Science with a minor in Business. She is interested in programming and likes to explore different fields within computer science. She is interested in AI/Machine Learning and plans to pursue a higher degree in the field. She likes to paint, read (mostly fiction) and dance.

Alanna Radel

Research Assistant, 2018-Present

Allana is an undergraduate student at Boston University majoring in Health Science and Public Health. In the future, she plans to pursue a combined J.D. and MPH with the intention of working in health law and policy. She is passionate about mental health, public health policy, elder and child abuse prevention, and women’s healthcare. In her free time, she enjoys planning and engaging in community service outreach, reading and writing, travelling, and being outside.

Fatimata Sow

Research Assistant, 2018-Present

Fatimata Sow is an undergraduate student at Simmons University pursing a degree in public health and bio-statistics. Her research interests pertains to health disparities in developing countries which is directly related to the access of healthcare in those developing countries. She intends to further her education by pursuing a Master’s degree in public health and public policy, to then for the World’s Health Organization. Aside from academia, Fatimata loves to eat, travel, and laugh.

Gail Tynkov

Social Media Assistant, 2019-Present

Gail Tynkov is an undergraduate student at Simmons University, pursuing a degree in Political Science and Public Policy. She is passionate about sexual education policies, criminal justice reform, and women’s healthcare. She intends on furthering her education by pursuing a law degree, with a focus on criminal law. When away from academia, Gail is either at protests, writing, or at the gym.

Tyler Whittaker

Research Assistant, 2019-Present

Tyler is an undergraduate student at Boston University majoring in Mathematics and Statistics with a minor in Psychology. He is interested in data science and using statistical analysis to build predictive models that can be utilized across varying disciplines. He plans to pursue a Master’s degree related to a similar field in the future. Afterwards, he’d like to work in either New York or Boston, but he can adapt to new environments. His interests include fitness, neo-noir films and trying new cuisines.