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This is a repository of all videos produced about CMAC and its projects, including some from IBCSR. Videos are organized by date, with the most recent at the top. For episodes of the Simulating Religion Project miniseries, scroll to the bottom.

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3D Catalhoyuk
MODRN August Promo
MODRN Lesbos Workshop
Modeling Policy
What are the Goals of MODRN?
What is MODRN?
Introduction to MODRN
The Virtual Mind
How to Code a Theory of Religion
Religious Violence
Atoms, Molecules, and Emergence

DSI with Results
SRP Animated Intro
Religion, Modeling, and Embodiment
Theories of Religion
Sex Differences Intro
Cognitive Study of Religion
What is Modeling?
Simulating Religious Violence

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Spectrums Webinar
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IBCSR Outreach
Simulating Religion Project Mini-Series Episodes

SIMULATING RELIGION is a 10-episode documentary miniseries about the 2015-2018 unfolding of the Simulating Religion Project, an ambitious attempt to connect the sciences of computer modeling and simulation with the scientific study of religion. The Simulating Religion Project is based at the Center for Mind and Culture in Boston Massachusetts, in concert with the Virginia Modeling Simulation and Analysis Center (VMASC in Norfolk Virginia), the University of Agder (Kristiansand, Norway), and UNESCO World Heritage site Çatalhöyük in Anatolia, Turkey.

All videos and animations on this page represent the documentary series as a work-in-progress by filmmaker Jenn Lindsay.

1: The Beginning
2: Modeling Religion in Virginia
3: Modeling Religion in Norway
4: Sabotaging Terrorism
5: Archaeology
6: Non-Modelers Modeling