Help Us Pursue Radically Interdisciplinary Research

The Center for Mind and Culture’s radically interdisciplinary approach to discovery connects researchers around the world; breaking down intellectual silos and generating creative solutions to complex problems.

At CMAC, we utilize cutting edge technology and academic expertise to explore pressing issues in the mind-culture nexus. Researchers at CMAC tackle complex social problems such as illegal child trafficking, religious self-radicalization, proliferation of weapons of mass destruction, social integration of immigrants and refugees, and many other critical issues arising within our world. By approaching these problems from a framework that considers both biological and cultural perspectives, CMAC finds new solutions that haven’t been tried before.

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Your support of CMAC enables us to continue this critical work. Together we can explore the intersection of mind and culture, synthesize existing research to build a more reliable framework for future ideas, and create new databases and models to advise policymakers.