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The Center for Mind and Culture’s radically interdisciplinary approach to discovery connects researchers around the world, breaking down intellectual silos and generating creative solutions to complex problems.

At CMAC, we utilize cutting edge technology and academic expertise to explore pressing issues in the mind-culture nexus. Researchers at CMAC tackle complex social problems such as illegal child trafficking, religious self-radicalization, proliferation of weapons of mass destruction, social integration of immigrants and refugees, and many other critical issues arising within our world. By approaching these problems from a framework that considers both biological and cultural perspectives, CMAC finds new solutions that haven’t been tried before.

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Donations help contribute resources to ensure CMAC can continue building tools that have the power to untangle complex social problems and supplement existing solutions to support lasting change. We are grateful for the support of our generous donors, funders, partners, and researchers. Together we can explore the intersection of mind and culture, synthesize existing research to build a more reliable framework for future ideas, and create innovative tools to advise public and professional stakeholders.

CMAC is an independent nonprofit 501(c)3, and does not receive sustaining funds from our partnering universities or institutes. Donations from individuals help to underwrite our nonpartisan research and provides crucial matching funds as we compete for federal and private grants. 

Please contact us to discuss how your contribution can accelerate work on a specific project or initiative, sponsor a fellowship, or to create a legacy gift.

Kippy Rudy, Chief Development Officer

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CMAC is powered by a vast network of dedicated staff, thoughtful researchers, subject matter experts, innovative collaborators, and creative partners. Boston is the hub of our expansive web, which includes over 150 people and reaches over 32 countries around the world. Learn more about CMAC opportunities to work with us and help move our research projects forward.

We are always open to new partnerships and collaborations. Get in touch if you’d like to contribute your knowledge as a subject-matter expert, conduct research as a fellow, or support our operations as part of our staff. Click here for current employment opportunities.

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