The Center for Mind and Culture depends on a lot of talented people. Listed alphabetically below are those who are actively involved. Click on any category header for more details and individual bios.


Catherine Caldwell-Harris, Director of Research
Saikou Y. Diallo, Director
Bernd Dürrwächter, Director
Patrick McNamara, Founding Director
Wesley J. Wildman, Founding Director, Executive Director, Chair of the Board

Research Associates

Joseph Bulbulia, since 2015
Megan Shannon DeFranza, since 2014
Monica Duffy Toft, since 2017
Erika Frydenlund, since 2016
Neha Gondal, since 2018
Ross Gore, since 2016
Brick Johnstone, since 2019
Ravi Iyer, since 2018
Luke J. Matthews, since 2014
Jose Padilla, since 2015
Raymond F. Paloutzian, since 2015
Krzysztof Rechowicz, since 2017
Uffe Schjoedt, since 2016
F. LeRon Shults, since 2011
Richard Sosis, since 2008
Ann Taves, since 2015
Andreas Tolk, since 2013
Connor Wood, since 2018

Post-Doctoral Fellows

Khatera Alizada, since 2017
Joel C. Daniels, since 2015
Erica Harris, since 2013
Jenn Lindsay, since 2018
Justin E. Lane, since 2015
Yair Lior, since 2015
Jonathan Morgan, since 2018
Gina A. Zurlo, since 2017

Doctoral Fellows

John Balch, since 2016
Kendra M.H. Moore, since 2017
David Rohr, since 2013
Kate Stockly, since 2014

Lindamood Fellows

John Balch, since 2017
Kate Stockly, since 2018

Administrative Staff

Ali O’Hare, Projects & Development Manager
Kippy Rudy, Chief Development Officer
Nicole Smith, Administration & Communications Coordinator


Doctoral and Graduate Interns

Hyunwoo Koo, Research Assistant
Dimitri Luzincourt, Research Assistant
Nathan Patti, Research Assistant

Undergraduate Interns

Anne-Margaux Angelov, Development Assistant
Sara Mack,
Communications Assistant
Allana Radel,
Research Assistant