Quantifying Identities and Ideologies

We distill insights about the worldviews and individual behaviors that propel both the concords and conflicts within our communities. These projects collect data through surveys, literature reviews, and comprehensive analyses to quantify the values, perceptions and belief systems of the self and the community.

Active Projects

Black Maternal Mortality aims to collect qualitative and quantitative data related to the public-health crisis reflected in Black maternal mortality rates in the U.S., and ultimately suggest practical ways to mitigate the problem through computational simulation and policy analysis.

The Cognitive Styles and Religious Attitudes Project gathers research data through online surveys at ExploringMyReligion.org that include different cognitive tests for analytical and holistic reasoning, demographic information and religious affiliation, and questions about different layers of religious ideology and orthodoxy.

The Dimensions of Spirituality Inventory uses a new survey instrument to help researchers examine the wider landscape of spirituality and better understand the ways people find and construct meaning and spiritual outlooks on life.

The Hardy Religious and Spiritual Experience Project creates a sophisticated database on existing religious and spiritual experiences narratives compiled in the Alister Hardy Database and builds a friendly interface for collecting new stories and data through devices such as smartphones and tablets.

Ritual for the Nonreligious builds new datasets of spiritual experiences and the value of ritual in nonreligious settings, based on surveys and interviews. We will analyze the themes, patterns, and meaning attributed to ritual in individuals who identify as spiritual but nonreligious.