Philip Skipitaris

Research Assistant, 2021-Present

Philip received his B.A. in International Relations from the Pardee School of Global Studies at Boston University.  Being a dual Norwegian and Greek Citizen, Global Studies was a natural fit. Outside of school, Philip is interested in, and has studied, English & American Literature.  After working for a few years, he would like to get a Master’s degree in international affairs, with a specialization in security studies. Philip’s hobbies include reading science fiction, playing lacrosse, listening to jazz, and outdoor activities like hiking and fishing.

Graduate Students

Luke Ekstrom

Research Assistant, 2020-Present

Luke is a dual degree candidate at Princeton Theological Seminary. He is pursuing both a Master of Divinity, as well as a Master of Arts in Christian Education and Formation. His area of concentration is in Practical Theology, with special focus on Pastoral Psychology and the Psychology of Religion. Luke is a graduate of Whitworth University where he earned degrees in both Theology and Philosophy. In addition to his studies, he is pursuing ordination in the Presbyterian Church (USA). He married his wife Kristin last summer, and they are currently living in Billings, Montana. In their spare time together, they enjoy camping and taking their puppy for walks.

Nathan Patti stands in front of greenery outside
Nathan Patti

Research Assistant, 2019-Present

Nathan is a student at Boston University’s School of Theology pursuing a Masters of Divinity. Prior to starting his master’s degree Nathan spent six years in Church ministry during which he established two new youth programs. His work at the School of Theology focuses on the relation of theory and practice within Christian theology, and he hopes to continue his studies into a PHD.  At CMAC, he is working alongside the film makers of Stories of Intersex and Faith in order to help distribute the film and its curriculum into Christian churches and Universities.

Jessie Saeli

Religion & Media Fellow, 2021-Present

Jessie is a student in the M.A. program in philosophy at Boston College. She began her graduate studies after graduating magna cum laude from the University of Notre Dame, where she studied philosophy and Russian. Her primary interests are existentialism, Russian philosophy, and the question of what a “self” is. She enjoys reading and writing about philosophy, theology, and literature.

Undergraduate Students

Fré Bayuh

Research Assistant, 2021-Present

Fré is an undergraduate student studying Health Science at Boston University. She is interested in studying populations, global sustainability, and public health. Alongside her B.S. degree she plans to pursue an MPH with a concentration in Biostatistics and Epidemiology. In her free time, she enjoys reading poetry, exploring the city/nature with friends, dance, and creating playlists.

Jake Donovan

Research Assistant, 2021-Present

Jake is a senior at Boston University, majoring in Math with minors in Computer Science and Visual Arts. Outside of school, he plays video games, singings in an a capella group, and has recently been enjoying ping pong.

Alejandra Jimenez-Villabona

Research Assistant, 2021-Present

Alejandra is a sophomore at Boston University, pursuing a degree in Cellular Neuroscience from the College of Arts and Sciences. She is excited to be here in Boston, where she has cultivated great relationships with professors and friends, and taken on new challenges. Alejandra enjoys playing basketball, performing improv skits, water coloring, and playing guitar.

Carli Johnston

Research Assistant, 2021-Present

Carli is a current undergraduate at Boston University majoring in Sociology. She plans to pursue a future career in social justice and public policy analysis in the nonprofit sector. She is passionate about supporting her community at a grassroots level and understanding the data behind good policy. In her free time, Carli enjoys cooking and making art. 

Piper LePree

Research Assistant, 2021-Present

Piper is a junior at Boston University studying Psychology with a minor in Women’s, Gender, and Sexuality Studies. She is interested in abnormal psychology, LGBT and women’s advocacy, and mental health resources for individuals in prison systems. In her free time, she likes to go to antique markets, watch true crime, and play Nintendo Switch games.

Luis Luna Martinez

Research Assistant, 2021-Present

Luis is a Sophomore at Boston University majoring in Neuroscience and Religion. He is interested in pursuing research concerning the neuroscience behind dreams. In his free time, he enjoys drawing, martial arts, and meditation.

Douglas Moy

Research Assistant, 2021-Present

Douglas is a sophomore at Boston University. He is majoring in Math and Computer Science with a minor in Economics. He is interested in topics such as religion, data science and microeconomics. In his free time, Douglas enjoys spending time outdoors and playing basketball.

Flora Peng

Research Assistant, 2020-Present

Flora is an undergraduate student majoring in Applied Psychology and Human Development at Boston College. She is passionate about improving mental health, community outreach, and public service programs. In the future, she hopes to pursue a career in educational policy and advocacy, focusing primarily on equity in U.S. public schools.

Roberto Rodas-Herndon

Research Assistant, 2022-Present

Roberto is a student at Boston University studying Computer Science with a minor in Business. He is an aspiring Software Engineer and will be interning at Pinterest in San Francisco this coming summer. Outside of class, Roberto helps to run Boston University’s chapter of Hack4Impact, an nationwide organization that allows college students to develop software for nonprofits. His personal interests include lifting weights, reading on topics such as economics and race theory, basketball, and volunteering. 

Molly Wilde stands in front of a brick wall in the sun
Molly Wilde

Research Assistant, 2020-Present

Molly is an undergraduate student majoring in English at Boston College. By pursuing a career in the medical field, she hopes to combine her current interests in improving healthcare equity and the holistic treatment of illnesses. In the future, she plans to further her involvement in grassroots organizations and community initiatives to work towards developing sustainable, community-driven solutions to global health concerns such as disease prevention, food insecurities, and access to health services.