The Center for Mind and Culture (CMAC) is driven by the power of non-traditional, advanced, and analytical tools to build creative solutions to humanity’s most complex problems. Our research teams untangle dynamic networks and dig deep under the surface to identify the root causes of these problems.

Our network is driving evidence-based change from around the globe. CMAC aims to:

  • Investigate the intersection of mind and culture to enrich our understanding of the world
  • Create intellectual hubs where thought-leaders can come together and multiply their knowledge
  • Create innovative tools to advise public and professional stakeholders
  • Amplify knowledge and new ideas to make a positive impact on our communities
  • Synthesize existing research to build a more reliable framework for future ideas
  • Seek out diverse ideas in order to bridge the gap between scientific studies and humanities research

Join a powerful, global network

Our research teams empower changemakers to create ethical and equitable solutions to the challenges facing their communities

Learn what makes our work unique

CMAC employs advanced research methods and cutting-edge tools to identify the root causes of humanity’s most complex problems

Support evidence-based change

Together we can explore the intersection of human minds and dynamic cultures to uncover innovative and practical solutions

CMAC was founded by philosopher and theologian Dr. Wesley J. Wildman and neuroscientist Dr. Patrick McNamara. The intersection of their fields of expertise led to our idea of the mind-culture nexus — the intersection and interaction of individuals with their environments. This nexus encompasses much of the way that people operate within and perceive the world around them.

We draw from a number of disciplines to develop and catalyze research initiatives into the nexus of mind and culture. CMAC is an institutional locus for understanding these phenomena, empowering academic scholarship as well as the public with further knowledge.

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Our research

CMAC achieves impact by employing ground-breaking techniques. We deploy technology, grapple with complexity, and incorporate all forms of the relevant expertise in a constant effort to better understand minds and cultures and to better inform the decisions we make in their nexus.

Modeling Social Systems

By modeling complex social systems, we predict trends, estimate threats, inform policy, test potential solutions, and ascertain the expected impacts of a changing world. We simulate the patterns of culture and individuals that compose human society to advance our understanding of the present and envision the possibilities of the future.

Engaging in Virtual Environments

These projects apply the latest technologies to education and healing, creating interfaces and tangible experiences for virtual reality and internet-of-things devices. We access the power of an advancing sector to promote equality and inclusiveness, reduce suffering, and enhance our capacity to teach and learn.

Quantifying Identities and Ideologies

We distill insights about the worldviews and individual behaviors that propel both the concords and conflicts within our communities. These projects collect data through surveys, literature reviews, and comprehensive analyses to quantify the values, perceptions and belief systems of the self and the community.

Charting Academic Landscapes

We build databases, review existing academic practices, and facilitate conversations to help academic disciplines make smart decisions about how to direct their research efforts and resources. We create a richer understanding of the boundaries and activities of academic disciplines.

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