Research Approach

The Center for Mind and Culture implements a non-partisan, collaborative and interdisciplinary approach to its research endeavors.


As a non-partisan organization, CMAC does not take evaluative positions on the phenomena we study or its value. CMAC does not represent, endorse or promote any ideological, political, spiritual practices or beliefs. We aim to understand rather than judge.


In all of our projects, CMAC creates teams of subject matter experts, bringing together veteran and novice researchers from around the world. The conversations that drive our research represent diverse perspectives that result in research that is compelling and integrative from all sides. CMAC aims to form a community of impassioned, engaged and uniquely talented people, dedicated to thinking differently.


CMAC research reaches across disciplinary lines in order to think critically, creatively and comprehensively about important and thorny issues. Our researchers rely on integrated, multi-dimensional research methods to critically study and evaluate the answers to the questions that matter. We integrate insights and methods from various disciplines to ensure our work is equally cognizant of nature and nurture, thereby creating a new, more balanced approach to researching critical social issues.