The Center for Mind and Culture works collaboratively with several other research institutions. There are many organizations that allow CMAC projects so succeed. Many organizations contribute to our research projects and provide insights, experts, and tools to help us better understand the world we live in.



Collaborating Specialists

Jeff Astley
The University of Durham

Chris Bader
Chapman University

Joseph Baker
East Tennessee State University

Steve Baliko
Pondera County Mental Health Advisory Board

Catherine W. Barber
Harvard University

Don Emerson Davis, Jr.
Georgia State University

Cesar Enrique Garcia Diaz
Pontificia Universidad Javeriana

Joshua Epstein
New York University


Leslie Francis
The University of Warwick

Ivan Puga Gonzalez
Center for Modeling Social Systems

Gwen Griffith-Dickson
Lokahi Foundation

Erez Hatna
New York University

William Hersh
Massachusetts State Government

Dominic Johnson
University of Oxford

Matthew Kuntz
NAMI Montana


Mark Lane

Michael McCullough
University of California, San Diego

Ed Powell

Karl Rosston
Montana Department of Public Health

Steven Sandage
Boston University

Bettina Schmidt
University of Wales, Trinity Saint David

Christian Smith
Notre Dame University

David Voas
University College London