Focus Areas

The Center for Mind and Culture promotes research, training, and outreach in six thematic emphases. These Focus Areas all fall into the mind-culture nexus, in that they involve both culture-level circumstances (politics, economics, ecology) and mind-level realities (emotions, worldviews, cognitive biases).

Below you can find descriptions of the type of work that each Focus Area stimulates. As part of our interdisciplinary nature, projects invariably incorporate multiple foci.


CMAC creates scholarly resources to help the researchers and educators in key academic fields to understand their own operative values and practices, and thereby to be more deliberate in setting policies and reforming academic practices.


CMAC runs projects devoted to understanding the healing process as well as projects devoted to envisioning solutions to pressing human health problems.


In this Focus Area, CMAC implements projects dedicated to understanding historic moments of dynamic transformation.



CMAC supports policy analysts and policymakers with research focused on issues of widespread concern.



CMAC personnel are currently engaged in numerous research projects related to the scientific study of religion. All projects on religion are conducted through the Institute for the Bio-Cultural Study of Religion (IBCSR), a pre-existing research organization that is now embedded in CMAC.


CMAC aims to improve our ability to achieve stable solutions to international security challenges.