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CMAC research projects produce a host of impactful results. Some of them are presented on this page.

The Norwegian Memory Tasks: Using Pensioner Auto-Biographies to Study Religion in a Secularizing Country

Declining traditional religious practice and beliefs have been observed in Norwegian survey data since the mid-twentieth century. We introduce a unique autobiographic database consisting of 1270 digitized entries written by Norwegian pensioners in 1964 and 1981 and assess its potential to study religion in the daily lives of Norwegians.

The neuroscience of dreams and gods

Ample evidence connects dreams with spiritual and religious experiences, yet dreams remain understudied as a source of supernatural agent concepts. Stories about life-changing dreams appear frequently in religious literature and oral tradition. Many people throughout history claim to have encountered supernatural agents in dreams,…

Forging new directions in the demographics of religion

Modeling Religious Change combines demography, the scientific study of religion, and computational models to create simulations of religious change in the USA, Norway, and India. Our research tackles the challenge of creating more accurate projections of religious change in populations by taking account of multiple dimensions of religiosity.…

What is digital ethics?

Digital ethics is the application of ethics to digital systems and networks. The discipline of ethics has two main components: A descriptive dimension in which we use ethics to understand the ethical relationships that can be studied and observed. This aspect…