Engaging Virtual Environments

These projects apply the latest technologies to education and healing, creating interfaces and tangible experiences for virtual reality and internet-of-things devices. We access the power of an advancing sector to promote equality and inclusiveness, reduce suffering, and enhance our capacity to teach and learn.

Active Projects

Digital Ethics is a public education and communication project that fosters discussions on the ethics of computing and data-science technologies. We aim to bridge the gap between thought leaders and practitioners by surfacing and analyzing the positive and negative experiences of those involved in creating and using digital decision tools, systems, methods, and data.

Teaching Modeling and Simulation in the Humanities strives to make modeling and simulation more widely available to scholars in humanities disciplines by integrating computer simulations that express their theories.

Modeling Dreams harnesses the potential of computational models for sleep and dream/nightmare studies through several sub-projects. We are combining qualitative and quantitative survey methods with data science to further understand how dreams turn to nightmares (and how we can regain control if they do) and the role dreaming could play in the formation of religious and supernatural beliefs.