CMAC runs a website for scholars and students bent on exploring big question philosophy. At, researchers have asked professional philosophers of religion to write blog entries on what philosophy of religion can offer to the modern university, considered either as a whole or through the lens of one or more university disciplines. Occasionally, researchers will also ask an intellectual working outside the field to venture to tell philosophers of religion what they ought to be doing. 2016 witnessed a fabulous response to the challenge of reflecting on and articulating what this field is and does. Researchers are now working on collating, analyzing, and presenting the answers that those creative blog contributions offer us.

This year (2017), CMAC is asking philosophers of religion to look outward instead, and illustrate how the field can impact the university or specific disciplines; CMAC looks forward to hearing their responses and beginning that analysis shortly. For now, you can check out the blog to read their input!

Key Personnel

David Rohr
Wesley Wildman (PI)