New Publication: Evolutionary Psychology and Religion

Post-Doctoral Fellow Justin Lane and Co-Author
Chapter in Religion: Mental Religion
August 12, 2016

Book Summary: Religion: Mental Religion is part of the Macmillan Interdisciplinary Handbooks series dedicated to the study of religion. Composed of twenty-two thematic chapters, this volume highlights religion, cognition, and the brain. The volume is broken down into five sections that view religious phenomena through different scientific lenses, including evolutionary psychology, evolutionary anthropology, cognitive linguistics, cognition and culture, and neuroscience. This volume strives to represent a variety of religious practices and beliefs as well as a diversity of scientific approaches. The reader is encouraged to engage these different disciplinary perspectives to develop an understanding of the relationship between human cognition and religious experience. The volume also includes bibliographies, filmographies, images, a glossary, and a comprehensive index, all of which aid the reader in exploring this multidisciplinary and relevant field.

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