New Publication: Sex on the Margins

Research Associate Megan K. DeFranza, Post-Doctoral Fellow Stephanie N. Arel, Doctoral Fellow Kate Stockly
Theology and Sexuality Volume 24 Issue 2 (Special Issue)
May 2018

Abstract: This collection of essays arose from the conference “Sex on the Margins: Navigating Religious, Social, and Natural Scientific Models of Sex Differences,” February 24–26, 2017, at Boston University. Scholars examined how our growing knowledge of sex, gender, and sexual diversity impacts binary models of sex that continue to hold sway in most religious and natural scientific examinations of human nature, including their practical application in medical approaches to differently sexed and gendered bodies. The authors call for a nuanced, interdisciplinary approach to sex difference which respects and protects minorities without eliding statistically significant binary patterns of human experience.

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