Human life is messy! Sometimes it drives us crazy. Other times we are captivated by wonder as we become aware of the exquisite complexity of our lives, our minds and brains, our cultures and societies, and the connections between them. At CMAC, our mission is to understand that complexity through research, to train others how to conduct this kind of research, and to explain our findings to others.

More formally, CMAC is a non-profit think-tank dedicated to the non-partisan scientific study of phenomena in the mind-culture nexus – artistically depicted in the header image of this site. Many aspects of human life come together in the mind-culture nexus: thinking and emotion in brains, personality and identity, entanglement in environments, distinctive cultures, socio-economic conditions, and historic processes of change. In an evolutionary framework, the mind-culture nexus is a vast complex adaptive system. We strive to understand it by isolating specific parts of the dynamic mind-culture nexus – academy, health, history, policy, religion, security – and applying cutting-edge research methods suited to studying complex adaptive systems.

fire and ice. mind and culture