Field Mapping

CMAC curates databases of publications in a variety of disciplines and uses those bibliographic databases to map key fields at the interface of mind and culture. Those fields include Human Healing and Wellbeing, Ecological Ethics, Cognitive Science of Religion, Philosophy of Religion, Religious and Theological Studies.

The projects’ main questions include:

    • Which scholars and institutions are currently active in fields related to the scientific study of religion? Where are they located? What subdisciplines are they most associated with?
    • Which topical clusters exist within the scientific study of religion? How are the clusters related and which clusters have the greatest “momentum” (i.e. have their citations been increasing)?
    • Which funders are supporting the scientific study of religion and its associated fields?
    • How have the people, institutions, and funders associated with the scientific study of religion changed over time?

The team is currently amassing and organizing a comprehensive list of all associated publications, relevant authors, and important institutions, with which they can begin to answer these questions. They are giving this project unprecedented depth and precision. By establishing these databases, CMAC will expand the possibilities for research coordination and development, as scholars will be better able to interact with existing experts and information. In 2017, the projects are nearing completion and beginning to work on reports with findings. Years Active: 2007–Present.

Key Personnel

John Balch
Kayla Bonnin
Ari Brouwer
Joel Daniels
Christopher Greene
David Schulz
Wesley Wildman (PI)
Neha Gondal