Visualizing the Deep Past

Visualizing the Deep Past (VDP) applies leading-edge computer simulation and 3D visualization techniques to demonstrate how human beings can activate understanding of the deep past, thereby reconstructing how human minds developed and how our potential for creativity and cultural transformation was unleashed. Beyond the scope of the use-case application to Çatalhöyük, VDP will also demonstrate one way to handle the problem of human inquiry being stalled by too much data, too many disciplines, and too much complexity in the mind-culture nexus. Visualization methods have shown great promise in giving us expansive control of the rich datasets computers can generate and in keeping human inquiry engaged with the intricacy of the mind-culture nexus. Years active: 2017–Present.

Key Personnel

Wesley Wildman
Saikou Diallo
Maurizio Forte
Ian Hodder




Shults, F. LeRon and Wesley J. Wildman, “Modeling Çatalhöyük: Simulating Religious Entanglement and Social Investment in the Neolithic,” in Ian Hodder, ed., Religion, History and Place. Forthcoming.