Tools Against Child Trafficking (TACT)

The CMAC team is applying its computational modeling and simulation knowledge to the issue of child trafficking. Starting in the Fall of 2017, researchers will be building a virtual world to depict particular kinds of trafficking in specific places. That computational modeling will not only enable them to better understand how trafficking happens, but it will also allow them to evaluate competing policy ideas. Using this software, researchers can optimize different variables – effects, expense, etc – in order to find the conditions under which each strategy is most likely to succeed.

The team’s accompanying analysis of mass datasets will help make sense of extremely complex data and potentially detect patterns that people cannot find. These combined techniques can make activists and funders more effective, demonstrating how CMAC’s innovation lends itself to answering widespread and deeply troubling social problems. Years Active: 2017–Present.

Key Personnel

Wesley Wildman
Khatera Alizada
Bernd Dürrwächter
Laura Sabia
Eugenia Angelopoulos
Neha Gondal