Sex Differences Project

CMAC’s Sex Differences Project explores issues of gender and sex diversity – including transgender, intersex, third sex, and others – in contemporary society and throughout history, across cultures and religions. A multi-method venture, CMAC uses surveys and neuroimaging to generate insights while also producing and analyzing datasets covering controversies surrounding the social construction of gender and sexual norms. This project received funding from a 2016-2017 Regional Development Grant from the American Academy of Religion and from Boston University to help support the Sex on the Margins conference in February 2017. Years Active: 2014–Present.

Stories of Intersex and Faith: a sub-project of the Sex Differences Project
A sub-project of the Sex Differences Project, Stories of Intersex and Faith, aims to change the way people understand sex differences in a society that is deeply divided on this very topic. In sharing the stories of intersex people, CMAC’s goals are threefold: to end the isolation intersex persons face in America today; to stop non-medically necessary surgeries on intersex infants and children; and to start better conversations about sex, gender, and sexual diversity in faith communities and elsewhere.

Unlike any other documentary on the topic, CMAC’s will seek out, acknowledge, and begin to address the way that religious beliefs (conscious and unconscious) contribute to perpetuating those problems, in addition to depicting the way that cultural fears about sex differences fuel traumatizing surgeries on young children. Stories of intersex people of faith have the power to disarm those caught in the culture wars, so CMAC’s work has the potential to overcome current impasses to a productive conversation.

Key Personnel

Stephanie Arel
Megan DeFranza
Luke Matthews
Kate Stockly
Wesley Wildman (PI)
Patrick McNamara