The Spectrums Project is a long-term, multidisciplinary initiative to study the left-right ideological spectrum in religion. With initial funding from the Boston University School of Theology, the Arthur Vining Davis Foundations, and the Institute for the Bio-Cultural Study of Religion, the Spectrums Project personnel developed a multidimensional survey instrument to measure respondents’ theological orientation regarding beliefs, practice, and morality. When published, this instrument – the Multidimensional Religious Ideology scale, or “MRI” – will be the most advanced and fine-grained measure of religious ideology yet produced. It will generate insight into how various dimensions of ideology interact, how individuals adopt their worldview, and how we elevate mutual understanding over extremist or polarized discourse. Years Active: 2011–Present.

Key Personnel

Catherine Caldwell-Harris (PI)
Nicholas DiDonato
Aimee Rodom
Wesley Wildman (PI)
Connor Wood
Ravi Iyer

For more information, visit SpectrumsProject.org and Spectrums Project at IBCSR.org