3P Directory

Do you want to know which groups are engaged in the fight against human trafficking? The Allies Database, developed by the Massachusetts Coalition to End Human Trafficking, is the best place to start if you are focused on organizations in Massachusetts.

What you’ll find in the 3P Directory (the database on this page) is an expanded version of the Allies Database, reaching beyond Massachusetts and ever growing, with each organization described in ways that help you find the most relevant groups quickly and easily. The additional classifications are:

    • the main focus of the group (protection, prosecution, prevention)
    • the types of trafficking addressed (labor, sex)
    • the population served (adult, children)
    • key terms related to each organization’s activities useful for searching

Why call this the 3P Directory? The 3P policy dimensions (protection, prosecution, prevention) help describe anti-trafficking work, which is essential for facilitating collaboration, preventing overlap, and documenting the field. These three dimensions define a global framework for conceptualizing how to combat human trafficking and are reflected in the Protocol to Prevent, Suppress and Punish Trafficking in Persons, Especially Women and Children (Palermo Protocol or Anti-Trafficking Protocol) to the United Nations Transnational Organized Crime Convention (UNTOC) and in the United States’ Trafficking Victims Protection Act (TVPA).

This database categorizes Massachusetts organizations by the '3P' policy dimensions: protection, prevention and prosecution. Filter by dimension or, using the search bar, by location and key terms.

Name of OrganizationLocationPolicy DimensionForms of TrafficPopulation ServedWebsiteSub-Categories
Abolitionist Network EGCBoston, MAPrevention
Sex, LaborChildren, Adultslinkfaith-based, community, active
AFAB- Association of Haitian Women in BostonDorchester, MAPreventionAdultslinkrace, women, low-income
African American History Museum/ Black Heritage Trail/ Harriet Tubman HouseBoston, MAPreventionChildren, Adultslinkrace, women, African American
All Hands InArlington, MAPrevention
Sex, LaborChildren, Adultslinkaftercare, non profit, advocacy, fair trade, active
AmirahWenham, MAProtectionSex, LaborChildren, Adultslinknon profit, aftercare, faith-based, women
Ascentria Care AllianceWorcester, MAProtection
Children, Adultslinkfaith-based, university, advocacy
ATASK -Asian Task Force Against Domestic ViolenceBoston, MAPreventionChildren, Adultslinknon profit, community, race (Asian)
Attorney General's Interagency Human Trafficking Policy Task ForceBoston, MAPrevention
Sex, LaborChildren, Adultslinkgovernmental, public awareness, training
Bags of HopeBoston, MAPreventionChildrenlinkwomen, community, basic needs, awareness
Bakhita HouseBoston, MANoneSex, LaborAdultslinkfaith based, housing
BARCC- Boston Area Rape Crisis CenterCambridge, MAPrevention
Children, Adultslinkadvocacy, children, adults, community, hotline
BEC- Boston Education Collabrative, EGCBoston, MAPreventionAdultslinkfaith-based, education
Being United In Leading our Destiny (BUILD)Roxbury Crossing, MAPreventionSexChildrenlinkLGBTQ, mentoring, non profit
Big Brothers, Big SistersBoston, MAPreventionChildrenlinkmentoring, national, youth
Boston College, Student AdvocacyChesnut Hill, MAPreventionChildren, Adultsuniversity, education, awareness
Boston Faith and Justice Network, EGCBoston, MAPrevention
Adultslinkfaith-based, education
Boston Glass SOSNeedham, MAPrevention
Youthlinkmentoring, LGBTQ, youth, education
Boston HERC- Higher Education Resource CenterBoston, MAPreventionYouthlinkyouth, families, mentoring, education, faith-based
Boston Police Task ForceBoston, MAProsecutionSex, LaborChildren, Adultsgovernmental, community
Boston Public Health CommissionBoston, MAPreventionSex, LaborChildren, Adultslinkpublic, education, health
Boston REACH Coalition - Racial and Ethnic Approaches to Community HealthBoston, MAPrevention
Children, Adultslinkrace, health, national, governmental
Boston University Law HT ClinicBoston, MAPrevention
Sex, LaborChildren, Adultsuniversity, education, advocacy
Boys and Girls ClubBoston, MAPreventionChildren, Adultslinkyouth, club
Brazilian Immigrant CenterAllston, MAPreventionChildren, Adultslinklabor, race, advocacy
Brazilian Women's GroupBrighton, MAPreventionAdultslinkwomen, race, labor, non profit
Bridge Over Troubled WatersBoston, MAPrevention
Youthlinkhealth, children, hotline, mentoring
Cape Cod PATH- People Against the Trafficking of HumansCape Cod, MAPrevention
Sex, LaborChildren, Adultslinkeducation, advocacy
Carr Center for Human Rights Policy, Harvard Kennedy SchoolCambridge, MAProtection
Sex, LaborChildren, Adultslinkadvocacy, university
Casa MyrnaBoston, MAPrevention
Children, Adultslinkhotline, housing, advocacy, labor, mentoring
Catholic Charities BostonBoston, MAPreventionChildren, Adultslinkfaith-based, community, mentoring, housing
Catholic Social ServicesFall River, MAProsecutionChildren, Adultslinkfaith-based, legal, housing
Chelsea Police DepartmentChelsea, MAPrevention
Sex, LaborAdultslinkgovernmental, education, legal
Children's Advocacy CenterBoston, MAPrevention
Sex, LaborChildrenlinkchildren, family, community, non profit, health, advocacy
City YearBoston, MAPreventionChildrenlinkmentoring, education
DCF (Department of Children and Families)Boston, MAPrevention
Children, Youthlinkyouth, national, governmental
Demand AbolitionCambridge, MAProsecutionSexAdults, Childrenlinkadvocacy, national, research
Dress For SuccessBoston, MAPreventionAdults (Women)linkclothing, employment, career, economic independence
Emerson CollegeBoston, MAPreventionAdultslinkuniversity, community, awareness, trauma-informed advocacy
END Demand WorcesterWorcester, MAPrevention
SexAdultslinklaw enforcement on sex-traffickers, customers, advocacy
Eva Center - Education, Vision, ActivismBoston, MAPrevention
Sex, LaborAdults (Women)linkadvocacy, aftercare, legal, survivors, health, housing, education, employment
Fair Trade BostonBoston, MAPreventionLaborAdults, Childrenlinkglobal, local, advocacy, consumer preference
Fair Trade TreasuresNewburyport, MAPreventionLaborAdults, Childrenlinkglobal, advocacy, employment, gender equality, child slave labor, sustainability
Family Justice Center (FJC) of BostonBoston, MAPrevention
Sex, LaborChildren, Adultslinkaftercare, governmental, community, health, youth, legal, domestic abuse, sexual violence
Fenway Health CenterBoston, MAPreventionAdults (LGBTQ)linkadvocacy, at-risk, education, health, LGBTQ, research
Freedom CafeAmherst, MAPreventionSex, LaborAdultslinknon-profit, relief, international aid
Gathering for Hope - Grace ChapelWakefield, MAPrevention
Sex, LaborAdultslinkfaith-based, awareness, women
Gathering for Hope - North ShoreHamilton, MAPreventionSex, LaborAdultslinkfaith-based, awareness, women, advocacy
Germain Lawrence - Youth VillagesArlington, MAPreventionAdults, Childrenlinknon-profit, families, children
GIFT program- Gaining Independence for Tomorrow: Roxbury YouthworksRoxbury Crossing, MAPrevention
Sex, LaborChildren, Youthlinkyouth, poverty, life-coaching, counseling, crisis intervention
Gordon College, Social Justice InitiativeWenham, MAPrevention
Sex, LaborAdults, Childrenlinkhigher education, social justice education, advocacy, human rights, faith-focused
Greater Boston Prayer and Action Network
Boston, MAPrevention
Sex, LaborAdults, Childrenlinkfaith-based, advocacy, education
Hagar SistersActon, MAPrevention
Adultslinkfaith-based, direct service, domestic violence, women
Harvard Program on Human Trafficking and Forced LaborBoston, MAPrevention
Sex, LaborChildrenlinkhigher education, research, policy, children, youth-focused, advocacy
Home for Little WanderersBoston, MAPreventionAdults, Childrenlinkfamilies, children (0-22), at-risk communities, non-profit
HRYN- High Risk Youth NetworkRoxbury, MAPrevention
Sex, LaborChildren, Youthlinknetwork, at-risk youth, victim-care services, education
IBA- Inquilinos Borcuas en Accion
Boston, MAPreventionAdults, Childrenlinkadvocacy, education, arts, faith-based, at-risk, victim-care services, housing, financial empowerment
ICE- Immigration and Customs Enforcement
Boston, MAProtection
Sex, LaborAdults, Childrenlinklaw enforcement, immigration, government, border control, security
Innerchange BostonBoston, MAPrevention
Children, Youthlinkfaith-based, street youth, direct service, homestays for victims
International Institute of New EnglandBoston, MAPreventionChildren, Youthlinkimmigrants, asylees, refugees, direct-service, victim reintegration
Jane DoeBoston, MAPrevention
SexAdultslinkdomestic violence, women, victim-care services, policy, advocacy
JRI (Justice Resource Institute)Needham, MAProtectionSex, LaborAdults, Childrenlinkdirect-service, children, youth, families
Jumpstart at Emerson CollegeBoston, MAPreventionChildrenlinkeducation, children, prevention, mentoring, national, youth, at-risk
Kim's Project
Brighton, MAProtectionSexAdults (Women)linksurvivor-lead, direct service, victim-care services, sex trafficking, domestici violence, non-profit
Latin American Health InstituteBoston, MAProtectionSex, LaborAdults, Childrenpublic health, NGO, latinx communities, substance abuse, treatment center, victim-care services, direct service
Living In Freedom Together (LIFT)Worcester, MAPrevention
SexAdultslinkadvocacy, education, sex-trafficking, survivor-lead, victim-care services
Love 146, Tufts ChapterMedford, MAPrevention
SexChildrenlinkhigher education, non-profit, victim-care services, advocacy, education, training
Lowell Community Health CenterLowell, MAProtectionAdults, Childrenlinkcommunity, health, victim-care services
MAPS (Massachusetts Alliance of Portuguese Speakers)Cambridge, MAPrevention
AdultslinkPortuguese community, education, social services, direct-service, language skills, advocacy
Maria Droste ServicesQuincy, MAProtectionAdultslinkhealth, direct-service, counseling, aftercare, at-risk
Mass Coalition for Domestic WorkersBoston, MAPreventionLaborAdultslinkdomestic workers, advocacy, rights, justice, policy, labor
Mass Council of ChurchesBoston, MAPreventionAdultslinkfaith-based, network
Mass Department of Public Health - Labor Trafficking GroupBoston, MAPreventionLabor, SexAdultslinkgovernment, public health, HHS, direct-service, reintegration
Mass DYS- Department of Youth ServicesBoston, MAPreventionYouthlinkgovernment, communities, at-risk, youth, juvenile justice
Mass General (HTI - Human Trafficking Initiative)Boston, MAPreventionSexAdults, Youth (Women)linkresearch, public health, aftercare, women and girls
Massachusetts Interfaith Worker JusticeBoston, MAPreventionLaborAdultslinkadvocacy, rights, justice, policy, labor, faith-based
Masscosh- Massachusetts Coalition for Occupational Safety and HealthBoston, MAPreventionLaborAdultslinklabor, advocacy, policy, resources, network, training
MataHari: Eye of the DayBoston, MAPrevention
Sex, LaborAdults, Families (Women-Focused)linkpeople of color, women, advocacy, immigrants, families, human rights, education
MIRA Coalition- Massachusetts Immigrant and Refugee AdvocacyBoston, MAPreventionAdultslinkcoalition, immigrants, advocacy, refugees, training, education, policy, at-risk
More Than Words
Boston, MAPrevention
Youthlinknon-profit, youth, at-risk, youth-services
MOVA- Massachusetts Office for Victim AssistanceBoston, MAProtectionAdultslinkvictim-care services, advocacy, survivors, policy, training, direct-service
My Life My ChoiceBoston, MAPrevention
SexYouthlinksurvior-lead, youth, advocacy, education, at-risk, mentoring
Needham People Against Trafficking in Humans (PATH)Needham, MAPrevention
Sex, LaborAdults, Youthlinkawareness, education
Nivasa FoundationBoston, MAPrevention
Sex, LaborAdults, Youth, Childrenlinkeducation, financial services, victim-services, rehabilitation
No Porn NorthamptonNorthampton, MAPreventionAdultslinkpornography, education, awareness, advocacy
Office of Refugees and ImmigrantsBoston, MANoneSex, LaborAdults, Childrenlinkgovernment, refugee and immigrant resettlement, citizenship and employment services, state level
Our Voices MatterNorthampton, MAProtectionSexAdultslinkcollection of testimony of trafficking, pornography, prostitution women victims
PACT- Partnerships Advancing Communities TogetherBoston, MAPreventionAdults, Childrenlinkgovernment, providing incentives to draw people out of gangs, vulnerable populations
Pathways for ChangeWorcester, MAPreventionSexAdults, Childrenlinkhealing services, education program for school children, raise awareness
REACH- Refuge, Education, Advocacy, ChangeWaltham, MAProtectionSexAdults, Childrenlinknon-profit, teens, domestic violence, emergency shelter
REACT- Rallying Efforts Against Contemporary Trafficking Boston CollegeBoston, MAPreventionSexAdultslinkhigher education institution, raise awareness
Reunion Church Anti-Human Trafficking GroupBoston, MAProtectionAdultslinkfaith-based, helping people find their way back
Ria House- Ready.Inspire.ActFramingham, MAProtectionSexAdults, Childrenlinkvictim service center
ROCA- Reaching Out to Chelsea AdolescentsChelsea, MAPrevention, ProtectionAdults, Childrenlinkserve at risk young people, high risk young men referred to Roca by criminal justice agencies and mothers (16-24 years old), disrupt poverty and incarceration
Route One Ministries (abnet)Boston, MAProtectionSexAdultsfaith-based, minister and connect dancers with a trained mentor, prayer and online resources and other survivors
SafeLinkBoston, MAProtectionAdultshotline for domestic violence victims in Massachusetts
SEEN Coalition- Support to End Exploitation NowBoston, MAPrevention
SexChildren, Youthlinkchildren and teen victim service center, interagency response, public,private and community partnership, multi-disciplinary Team Investigation(MDT), address social issues impacting at risk children through policy and education
Serenity House- of SMOC (South Middlesex Opportunity Council)Framingham, MAProtectionAdults (Women)linkover eighteen, recovery residential service to women with addiction to drug and alcohol
Simmons, Amnesty InternationalBoston, MAPreventionAdultslinkstudent organization
Sisters of St. Joseph of BostonBoston, MAPreventionLabor, SexAdults, Childrenlinkfaith-based, advocacy, education
Sisters of the Good ShepherdQuincy, MANoneAdults, Childrenfaith-based counseling services, mental health counseling, substance use counseling and holistic theraphy services, children, adolescents and adults
Stop Trafficking DemandChestnut Hill, MAPrevention
SexAdults, Childrenlink/curb demand, pornography, resources, raise awareness
Street SafeBoston, MAPrevention
Adults, Childrenlinktransform young people in gangs and at risk, education, workforce
Suffolk University, Students Against Human TraffickingBoston, MAPreventionLabor, SexAdultslinkstudent organization
The Network/La RedBoston, MAPreventionAdultslinkLGBTQ/T, safehome, domestic violence, community organizing and education program
The Trauma CenterBrookline, MAPreventionAdults, Childrenlinktrauma recovery, training consulatation, children and adults, non-profit
Transition HouseCambridge, MAPreventionAdults, Childrenlinkvictim service center, violence prevention education to children and adults and community
VeriteAmherst, MAPreventionLaborAdults, Childrenlinklabor, advocacy, global
WCAC-Women Connecting Affecting ChangeDorchester, MAPreventionAdultslinkHIV prevention education for women at risk, health, substance abuse
Wheelock, Student LeaderBoston, MAPreventionAdultsstudent organization
Winthrop Police DepartmentWinthrop, MAProsecutionLabor, SexAdults, Childrenlinkgovernment
Worcester Alliance Against Sexual Exploitation (WAASE)Worcester, MAPrevention
SexAdults, Childrenlinkdemand focused, community engagement, resources, alliance
Year UpBoston, MAPreventionLaborAdultlinklow income at risk adults (18-24), skill development
YEP- Youth Empowerment Project (ATASK)Boston, MAPreventionSexChildren, Youthlinkadvocacy, community organizing, raising awareness, teen, dating violence and domestic violence
Youth Advocay ProjectRoxbury, MAPrevention
Sex, LaborChildrenlinkchildren, partnership, legal representation in courts
YWCABoston, MAPreventionAdultslinknational, advocacy end racial and gender disparities, education