Presentation: Analyzing the Effectiveness of Anti-Child-Sex-Trafficking Policies

Post-Doctoral Fellow Khatera Alizada
Complexity and Policy Studies (CAPS) 2018 Conference at the Computational and Public Policy Lab at George Mason University, Arlington VA USA
April 20, 2018

Conference Summary: Complexity and Policy Studies (CAPS) offers a forum for addressing these issues by asking pertinent questions: How can we use our emerging understanding of complexity, human action, and dynamic social systems to the benefit of human societies and populations?  How can knowing more about the complexity that shapes our personal relations, collective action, and the sustainability of social institutions lead to healthier lives and increased well-being? CAPS 2018 will explore key assumptions about reality that need to be redefined as complex systems thinking shifts from causality between discrete variables to an emphasis on “linkages” and the dynamic interplay and ‘relationships’ between variables. This interplay of variables and the relationships between them form trends and patterns that become the area of focus. CAPS 2018 will address the practical implications of multi‐dimensional complexity through discussions of multi‐method design, how to work with complex and diverse data sets and the emergence of complexity research and policy. 

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