IACSR 2018

7th Biennial Conference of the International Association for the Cognitive Science of Religion
August 12 – 15, 2018

It’s been a busy week of CMACer presentations & participation. Here’s a full listing of all that we were up to at IACSR 2018:

Executive Director Wesley Wildman and Research Director Catherine Caldwell-Harris gave Keynote Plenaries.

Doctoral Fellow Kate Stockly presented on “Godless Women: Re-defining Atheism(s) in Light of Cognitive and Psychological Gender Differences.” Post-Doctoral Fellow Justin Lane presented on “A New Perspective on Social Cohesion in Large Religions: Identity as the Result of Interactive Schemas.”

CMAC also hosted two panels, both chaired by Executive Director Wesley Wildman. The first, “Simulating Religious Cognition,” reported on models produced for the Modeling Religion Project and featured Research Associate LeRon Shults on “Toward a Standard Computational Model of Religious Cognition,” Post-Doctoral Fellow Justin Lane on “A Computational Model of Modes of Religious Transmission,” Research Associate Ross Gore on “A Computational Model of Mutually Escalating Religious Violence” and Research Associate Saikou Diallo on “Challenges and Opportunities in the Social Simulation of Religion.” The second, “Case Studies in Modeling Religion,” explore these topics further and featured incoming Research Associate Connor Wood on “The Grammar of Religion: A Model of Faith Communities as Complex Adaptive Systems” and Doctoral Fellow/Research Manager John Balch on “Embedded Choices: Modeling Stark and Bainbridge’s Rational Compensator Theory.”

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