May Team Meeting

Connor had a busy month, completing his model on “Religion as A Complex Adaptive System” with Rich Sosis as well as sending in a new chapter for a journal with Saikou. Connor pulled up the model right there in the Collaboration Space so that we could visualize it in real time and even showcased the effects of the charisma variable they had recently introduced to the model. CMACers took this opportunity to ask questions about the viability and direction of the model.

Catherine gave further updates on Aspect Hub, explaining the kind of project building that the team hopes to do – it will require bringing two new graduate students on board, which means getting more people involved! The work will require students who are interested in the intersection between artificial intelligence and disabilities.

Kate was pleased to announce that her commentary with Connor got published and that the special edition of the Journal of Theology and Sexuality that she, Megan and Stephanie co-edited just came out! She has been chugging along with Spirit Tech, with two interviews scheduled for the next two weeks.

It was a quick meeting today, as there is so much to do, but always a great chance to check in and learn about the progress we’re making.