October Team Meeting

Kate was excited to announce that she will be presenting on the Sex Differences Project for the first time at the Evolution of Religion Conference in New Mexico in just three weeks! After previewing her presentation in the meeting, several fellow CMACers gave Kate helpful pointers on the best way to showcase the enormous effort that the team has done on this project.

We were lucky to have Stephanie join us via Skype from her office in New York. As Kate’s fellow team member on the project, Stephanie was able to provide a great deal of insight into the best way to present the data. She suggested how to integrate the most captivating examples from the data set as well as the most effective way to use certain framing words that are most relevant to the project.

Wesley, Ari, and Khatera also gave positive, constructive feedback on how to better contextualize the presentation and further engage with the audience by defining key terms in relation to the evolution of religion.

As a result of the team’s hard work on the project and with this chance to convene and provide Kate with the very best input, we wrapped up this meeting hoping to see her do exceedingly well at the conference next month!